“Everyone always wants to take the time to complain, but not a lot of people like to take the time to praise. We at ACES are not a group of people who do not recognize outstanding customer service. Throughout our relationship with you and your team, with a special recognition towards Sean Portman, whom I might add you need to clone, you guys have stood solid in the face of our growing pains. The help you have provided as we solidify our new offerings at Mr. Clean Car Wash has simply been phenomenal. No matter what issue arose, pump problems, curtain problems, Foaminator manifold problems, graphics delays on our end, quote upon quote and re-quotes you guys never faltered. It literally got to the point where I was like “Yep, this is the phone call where Sean is going to come through the phone on me.”  Never once did this guy lose his cool, and that my friend is a rarity in the world today. You truly have a great team and we appreciate it. Your hard work and determination to please your clients show in your products and service. Great job! We truly appreciate what you do and the innovations you have brought to our industry.”

Chad Smith