For use with Multi-Source or Multi-Source with Back-Up Pump Stand. Motor controls are an integral component of Aqua-Lab chemical dispensing systems, allowing for integrated and reliable communication while reducing operating costs and unnecessary wear on key components such as the pump system.

Our motor control units will increase the life of your dispensing system by not duty cycling the pump. When the master car wash controller sends a signal to activate any of the chemical functions, the signal is relayed through a communication cable to the Aqua-Lab motor control unit (MCU). At this point the sensor in the box sees that the solenoid has been activated, starts the pump motor, and at the same time queues a timer. When the car wash control signal stops, the solenoid functions close, but the timer begins, keeping the pump on. If a new chemical callout is required after the initial one, but there is a gap in between, the pump doesn’t turn on and off (duty cycling). Duty cycling is what causes the most wear and tear on the pump motor and causes spiked amperage draw.