Get superior performance out of your high-pressure MacNeil equipment with Blast-Tec Pro Nozzle Retrofit Kits. These heavy-duty, long-lasting turbo nozzles blast a powerful, 0° straight water stream at up to 1,000 PSI while rotating at 1500-2500 RPM to provide a 24° cone of coverage. The result – higher impact cleaning while using dramatically less water.

MacNeil Magnum kits can use up to 10% less water than legacy factory standard nozzles. (Blast-Tec Pro nozzles are now factory-standard on MacNeil Magnum Wheel Blasters!) Kits include nozzles for both driver’s and passenger’s side.

*Water savings calculations are based on 1000 PSI and minimum required nozzle sizes. Actual water savings may vary based on unique application.