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NRCC Show Walk Through

We are very excited to show everyone out booth from this years NRCC Show.
We finally showed of some of our new Signage: from custom arch backlighting to tunnel signage and driveway menus and signage.

We are just getting started offering the car wash industry another option for complete dispensing and whole site Custom or Branded signage and marketing.
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Mr. Bigs and Mr. Foamer Complete System

This is a complete Mr. Foamer equipment retrofit at Mr. Bigs in Orlando FL. We did a custom Grand Arch with a Foaminator and our new Ultimate Color Arch Red LED System. We ran 2 Foaminator Rains for Foaming Sealant and Hot Carnauba.

Mr Foamer Inc.™ AAP Extreme Shine™ Grand Arch

This is our latest Mr. Foamer Grand Arch. This one features complete AAP Extreme Shine™ branded graphics panels, The Foaminator™ Rain dispenser, programmable LED light bars, and mounting arch.

All graphics and equipment are designed in house at Mr. Foamer™ Inc. We can design you anything from mild to wild to branded graphics. We will soon be adding everything from backlit menu’s to complete signage packages for your facility.

Mr. Foamer Foaminator Triple Fusion System

Mr. Foamer proud to Introduce the Foaminator Triple Fusion System!
The unit has 6 separate ports and piping to allow just 3 Twist N Kleen Generators.
This video is running off 3- Flojets and 511 Hydrominders.

This is not just a rain bar, it actually is a Foaminator with an extrusion to create the rain effect. Without the extrusion it can sheet as well. It would need 3- Dosatron’s or 3- HFI Injectors to achieve a sheet.

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